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Identify and minimize your family's exposure to online predators with artificial intelligence powered by a vast database of known predatory behavior.

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Radlee Overview

Radlee uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze public photos, comments, hashtags, likes, and other aspects of your child’s public Instagram account to detect risky and suspicious activity. Backed by years of expert research into online predators and their potential victims, Radlee identifies common predatory tactics and the types of posts that attract the attention of an online predator. Results are then summarized so you can easily identify the concerning posts and accounts.



Don't Miss a Post

Keeping up with an ever-changing stream of content is virtually impossible without some help. Radlee provides you with weekly summaries of all posts and comments along with alerts based on known predatory risk


Verify your child's posts are safe

Using powerful image recognition and a database of known predatory behavior, Radlee automatically scans every post to identify elements that are known to attract predators. 

Get alerted on the content of elements like hashtags, captions, and the actual photo. Additionally, Radlee helps to identify posts that are attracting more attention than normal, alerting you to spikes in "like" and comment volume.

Know who's

contacting your child

Radlee alerts you when comments by others meet high-risk criteria, highlighting the words that are of most concern. 

Want to know more about the person making questionable contact? Just click on the comment to see what Radlee has to say about that user's typical activity.


As Featured On

Radlee is proud to be featured on the NBC San Diego special, Stolen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Radlee secure?

Yes. Radlee stores your child’s publicly available data on secure servers. Radlee does not provide your child’s data or your own data to anyone.

Could a predator use Radlee to harm my child?

No. Radlee only analyzes public accounts that everyone on the Internet, including predators, can already see. It does not provide any confidential or private information about your child to you or anyone else. Predators already know how to tell if your child is vulnerable and how to approach them. Radlee helps you to prevent harm to your child by letting you know what the predators already know.

Is Radlee 100% accurate?

No. Radlee can not see any private information in your child’s account or on your child’s phone. Radlee can only see the information that your child makes publicly available to everyone on the Internet.

What devices are currently supported?

Right now, Radlee is only available for the iPhone. Android app development is expected soon.

Does Radlee monitor other social media accounts besides Instagram?

Right now, Radlee only monitors Instagram. However, monitoring of other social media platforms are expected soon.

Does Radlee spy on my child?

No. Radlee can not see any private information in your child’s account or on your child’s phone. Radlee can only see the information that your child makes publicly available to everyone on the Internet.

Does Radlee work with private Instagram accounts?

No. Radlee can only analyze public accounts. Those are the accounts that strangers can see, and therefore the ones that most attract online predators.


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Do I need to install Radlee on my child's phone

No. You do not need to install any software or change any settings on your child’s phone in order for Radlee to work. Just install Radlee on your own phone, and follow the setup instructions.

Will my child know that Radlee is monitoring their account?

Radlee does not notify your child that you are monitoring their public accounts. Additionally, Instagram does not notify your child about who has viewed their account. However, we strongly suggest that you talk to your child about how to safely use their social media accounts and let them know that you are monitoring their public accounts. See Tips for Parents for information on how to talk to your child about Radlee.

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